September in less than 24 hours!!

31 Aug


Wow, where did the summer go?!

There are a few things that I’m looking forward to this September: 

  • My friend’s wedding this weekend. 
  • Turning 19!! 
  • College starts in a few days! Now, normally, I wouldn’t be excited for this, but I told myself that I’m very blessed to be able to have an education. My parents work hard to send me to school so, I’m going to try to look at the positive. I’m going to work hard in school and do my very best 🙂 
  • My small church! I go to a small church near my university. It is 10 minutes away and it is conservative, but very racially diverse. The community is so genuine and I’ve had so many blessings by being at that church. God has definitely played a role in choosing my church. 
  • This week’s Bible study plan!! I’m finally reading some of the New Testament. I’ve been reading the Old Testament a lot lately
  • Seeing my roommate and friends

One thing I will not be looking forward to this September is leaving my family, but I’ll see them in October. I’ll count my blessings instead! ^.^

I will probably put a post up on A New Shade of Feminine tonight, but I will not be posting a lot when college begins. 

Anyway, looking forward to anything this September?



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