The Issue of Men Hitting Women

13 May

First, I want to clear this out of the way

Under no circumstances do I condone a man hitting a woman, unless life threatening. 


Under no circumstances should a woman not use common sense. 

I was reluctant to write this, but with this year having all the controversies like Ray Rice and his fiance and Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister, I thought I should write this post. 

1.) A woman should use common sense

This is for the women: Just because you believe a man shouldn’t hit a woman, doesn’t mean that every man believes that. If you hit a man, and he hits you back–well, you asked for it! 

Feminism will lie to you say that there are no differences between men and women, but here is a reality check–>there are! 

On average, men are stronger than women and even the strongest woman cannot compare to the strongest man. 

Take that for what it is and use wise judgement when you start an altercation with someone. 

2.) Don’t act like a child

Both parties should always keep their hands to themselves and the “I didn’t know better” excuse doesn’t work. 

3.) It’s Disrespectful 

Men, don’t hit women…You are strong, it hurts, it does emotional and physical damage. 

Women, don’t hit men, it is extremely disrespectful, especially if he is your husband or close relative. 

Violence should only be used for extreme cases of self defense. 

4.) It is not as one-sided

While there are abusive cases, and I am not dismissing those; more often than not, especially if the man had no abusive patterns or behaviors in the past, there is normally something that drove him to that point.

It is not normal for a woman to be just sitting there and having her husband beat her to a pulpit. There was something that that lead him to that.  

It doesn’t justify it, but it does clear up the automatic women=helpless, innocent, didn’t do a thing, victim scenario. 

5.) Men can be abused with physical violence too

Except they have no legal backing like women do. Men are just expected to stand there and take it. How would you like that?

Think before you hit a man. 

P.S. My next post will be a lot more lighter and I’ll provide a link to the new blog I am working on, but it will probably not appear until the next week or so, since this is my last week of school and I have finals. The following post after that will be an update on my Japanese Language improvement. 







3 Responses to “The Issue of Men Hitting Women”

  1. Will S. May 13, 2014 at 9:15 pm #

    Well said.

    It is wrong for women to be able to slap men with impunity (as is the case – it’s celebrated and merely laughed at in Hollywood movies, and has been for decades) and for it to simultaneously somehow be considered beyond the pale if a man does the same.

    We would do well to try to make it just as taboo for women as for men.

  2. JC June 14, 2014 at 9:30 am #

    The biggest issue to me is definitely the exploitation of a double-standard.

    The irony is, a woman is attacking someone weaker than she is–because the whole world is out to rescue women from men but rarely vice-versa, so women get to cause men harm.

  3. JC June 22, 2014 at 7:44 pm #

    I wonder if it’s occurred to you, in your thoughts, that some men are stronger than other men.

    I could find a guy who is twice as big and strong as I am and slug him as hard as I could in the face–I’m quite certain it would hurt him at least somewhat, but in all likelihood I would get taught a hard lesson not to throw stones from a glass house.

    Unfortunately, that’s what women often get in today’s society totally irrespective of the issue of whether they’re weaker or stronger: a free pass to throw stones from a glass house at men on so many levels (not just physical violence). I’s offensive and abusive beyond belief and quite honestly, whether it’s a man or woman throwing stones from a glass house, both need a lesson in SOME form or another not to do so: it does hurt the other person even if you’re not as strong and that’s no reason whatsoever not to reap what you sow.

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