To Hold Myself Accountable

2 Jan

Because…You know, we don’t want to be this guy

I know a lot of people have been doing posts about New Years Resolutions and while I didn’t do it last year, I thought if I made a blog post about it…well, then I’d have to. 

Nothing like being embarrassed if I don’t do it. 

1. Build a Deeper Relationship with God

I always feel that I can build a deeper relationship with God and seek to understand Him more. I want to read more of my Bible and study more apologetics. 

I also want to pray more. 

2. Be more Feminine 

The first step to being more feminine is feeling more feminine. I don’t believe all women are born feminine, just like not all men are born masculine. It takes discipline to be our best selves. 

3. Do Fit Friday

I started off doing fit Friday posts for the first two weeks, but finals week killed whatever free time I had. While I didn’t stop working out, I just didn’t have the time to do blog posts and I apologize for that. I will do more Fit Friday posts. I’m also training for 3 races this spring so, I’ll try and blog about those. 

4. Learn at least 500 new Kanji

I’m going to try and learn at least 20 new Kanji a week. 🙂 I love learning Japanese and writing it is so relaxing.

5. Get good grades. 

I did OK first semester, especially with 19 credits as a freshman, but I want to do better! Chemistry 102 here I come!!

6. Practice more piano

Even though I have been playing piano for over 10 years, I’m not nowhere as good as I should be. Last semester was probably the time I practiced piano the most in my life. I practiced piano for about 2 hours a day. 

I’ve always had a private tutor for piano when I was in grade school (It was outside of school and I wasn’t graded).  Now since I’m taking private piano lessons for a grade in college, I didn’t want to fail. 

I mean, come on…who wants to fail piano…

That would be just sad. 

7. Take More Pictures

My parents got me a really nice camera for Christmas and I love taking pictures of flowers and all types of nature. 



Anyway, feel free to share your new years resolutions below. I would like to read them. 🙂

Happy New Year all!

❤ Lovelyleblanc7


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