14 Dec

Running is awesome…I’m bias 😀

Currently it is 12:43AM…So, I guess it would be appropriate to say Fit Saturday…But that just doesn’t sound right! 😛

I’ve been super busy with projects and finals week that I haven’t been able to do much running as I would like, but I have been doing some pilates in my room. I’ll share the workouts I’ve been doing below:

How did you get moving this week?

Well, besides having a really cute pink yoga mat to do pilates on…I guess working out just lifts my spirits…you know? 🙂 

Blogilates–Sexy Sculpted Legs

Blogilates–Slim Waist

Blogilates–Abs on Fire

I also did, Blogilates Slim Leg Cardio workout, but the video is exclusive to the app only. 

What was your go-to healthy food item or meal?

As I explained in my last post for Fit Friday, I don’t drink soda (never liked it) and rarely ever drink juice. I mainly drink Japanese green tea, water, and maybe the occasional protein drink now and then (some come with too much sugar). Another thing is…I don’t eat chips. It is not that I don’t like chips, I just don’t eat them…I prefer something else instead (which has sadly become an addiction). 



love love love seaweed. This is my favorite brand and flavor.The perks about seaweed is that it is salty, crunchy and has way less than half the calories of chips. That pack of seaweed above is under 25 calories…for the whole thing. That, and I over all prefer the taste of seaweed over chips. 

What song got you moving?

I love Christmas and I’m so ready for it! One of my girlfriends from church recommended Under the Tree by Carrie Underwood…LOVE IT! It is so girly, christmas-y, and it makes me want to dance! 

What are your plans for next week?

I’ll be going home next week and finishing my Psychology and Chemistry finals (pray for me) so, I’ll probably just be doing Pilates and running. My goal will be to workout for 6 days a week instead of 5. I take Sabbath off 😉 


Inspiring Fit Friday’s:



2 Responses to “Fit…Erm…Friday?”

  1. Sis December 14, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

    Seaweed??? I have never been able to get myself to eat that stuff, I’m glad you like it though, it is supposed to be so good for you. I hope you do well on your finals!

    • lovelyleblanc7 December 15, 2013 at 1:29 am #

      Most people (unless you live in Asia) don’t like it. I only have one friend that does…oh, and my roommate (but that doesn’t count because she is Asian). haha

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