Some Observations on the Female of the Species-2

22 Jul

Pay close attention…

Donal Graeme

Here are a few more thoughts I have had on the various women I have encountered lately-

1) Masculine Haircuts are a No-No

Now don’t get me wrong, some women look good in short hair. But a mohawk? There isn’t a woman alive who can look good in a mohawk. Yet this woman (lady would be inappropriate a descriptor) I saw a couple of days ago was sporting one out in public, apparently oblivious to the fact that on her it was utterly ridiculous and completely unfeminine.  Ladies, there is nothing wrong with a traditional feminine haircut. A simple long ponytail works perfectly fine. Or if you really want to mix it up, go retro. For an example of some great looking hairstyles out of the 40s, try here.

2) Beauty care

I know some women like to spend a lot of money on beauty products. But here is…

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