Short Update on what I’ve been up to and what to expect from the next few posts!

30 Jun

Hello there! I have been doing so much since June 20th. I’ve been spending most of my time in Germany, and I went to Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland also!  Down below is a picture I took from Ruthenburg Germany.  Anyway, from today until July 5th. I will post recent blogs of what me and Finja are doing in Germany. I came back from Switzerland and now, I am back in Germany, staying with Finja at her house!) I will post a blog on each country when I come back to America to show you guys what I have been doing. This is because it takes forever to upload a photo on my tablet here in Germany and I need my laptop or computer from America. Also, I took literally hundreds to a thousand photos and I need to choose the best ones to put on this blog! Anyway, from July 6th to July 7th you will see a series of blogs updated labeled with the country I have been to and what I did and my experiences. Mind you, THEY WILL NOT BE PRESENT. They will be from a week or two ago because I will have arrived in America and I can upload a blog without the awkardness of my tablet! haha! Anyway, hope you like the photo from down below =) I have to get dressed now because it is 9AM in Germany and I am going to Finja’s grandmother’s house and shopping and it is an hour drive away and we are leaving at 9:45 and so, I really have to rush! bye bye!Image


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