Life: New Phone, sick, and Katakana!

6 Jan

Hello Peoples!

Today, I was sick (I had a fever) and so, I stayed home from school and basically spent my day lying in bed 😦 But anyway, I got a new phone since my other one broke and I like it…It is very hard to use though (oh well…I guess I just have to get use to it).

Since then I have been working on katakana…*sigh* I’ve been trying to do this kanji thing but kanji right now doesn’t make sense to me…like it just doesn’t. Not necessarily understand/memorizing kanji, but what kanji is…

For example, how do you know which kanji to use in a sentence and even though kanji has different meanings, it is put in a word…mashed together with some other kanji to make a different meaning. I’m confused @_@ I think I’ll research Kanji more and then go back to studying it. OR if somebody can explain it to me (that could be even better).

Anyway, off to do some school work (even though I wasn’t at school today..I still have work due tomorrow) and study some Japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace. ❤


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