4 Aug

Since I have recently been trying Textfugu (www.textfugu.com/) free lessons to see if this is what I want and I must say it is really helpful. I reccomend textfugu to all self Japanese learners.

Anyway, one of the requirements was to have a blog and update it frequently about your Japanese progress. So, I’m currently on the sixth lesson of season one and I’m about to start the 7th lesson. I have been studying Japanese prior for a year, but I was slowly loosing my Hirigana because I wasn’t using it often. I think speaking is what is really difficult…seeing as currently of right now I don’t know anybody to speak Japanese with. So, I just kind of just record my voice and compare.

The sixth lesson was more oriented with “Your passion” if you know what I mean, here is the link: http://www.textfugu.com/season-1/studying-what-youre-passionate-about/

My Passion was playing Piano while singing. I wonder what Koichi-san is thinking…hm…
I don’t see how “Your Passion” is going to come into play with Japanese, but I trust textfugu besides it already has me addicted to learning Japanese!


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