Today, I’m starting Japanese for real

24 May

Song of the Day: Janne Da Arc Gekkouka

Yes, it has been a year since I have started learning japanese, but I now plan to take it seriously. I have been studying once a week and I’ll admit somethings have been holding me back from learning Japanese to my full potential: lack of support from my family, procrastination, and money (becuase I’m a broke teenage girl).
But that is not going to stop me.
I am learning Japanese becuase I love the culture, music, and fashion. I like watching J-dramas and movies too.I also anime a little bit. Everything japanese seems to absorb me (I know I sound a little obssessive, but it’s true). But most importantly, I want to be able to speak japanese fluently so I can study abroad in Japan.
On a side note, I would alos like to make a song in japanese becuase japanese music sounds pretty.
Japan is the place I want to visit the most. The list of reasons why I want to learn japanese goes on…
Why am I making a blog then? Its true that this blog wont teach me japanese, but it will give me the motivation. Sometimes public humiliation and embaressment is the encouragement we need. So, if I don’t accomplsih my goal of speaking can laugh in my face and I’ll look like an idiot posting this blog. Though, I gaurentee you, that I am serious and I will accomplsih my goals by learning japanese.


2 Responses to “Today, I’m starting Japanese for real”

  1. shizukamistress June 10, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

    Samee! I am completely in love with the Japanese culture!~ ^^ Also trying to learn Japanese, if my laziness permist!LOL~

    • lovelyleblanc7 June 11, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

      That is very good! Continue to study hard and don’t give up!

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