Ramblings: Foreign Women, Cheating, Understanding Men

16 Aug


I was initially going to post this on my new blog, “A New Shade of Feminine”, but opted against it because I just want to share some thoughts (that may or may not be organized). 

I really believe feminism is a condition of the heart and not just some “western invention”. The west may condone and encourage it, but they did not invent it.

Too often men put women of other races on a pedestal. I always laugh because I have friends of many races, most who are Asian and some who are European. 

News Flash: It doesn’t matter the race or the culture, most women are the same. 

I’ve seen Asian and European women cheat on their boyfriends or white American men who marry the “sweet” Japanese girl. (haha, if only they really knew) 

Women are women at the end of the day, some, more selfish than others but I assure you race doesn’t always play the biggest role. 

Women would benefit by trying to understand men, but most will not even attempt. 

This leads me to my second point: cheating/adultery. 

I was talking to a good friend of mine, who is Japanese (and no, she was not raised in America). She is engaged and I am very happy for her. We were watching a movie, Transporter 2. There is a scene in the movie, where the wife of a rich man is about to commit adultery with the protagonist (who is played by Jason Statham). 

She comes in his house late at night wearing a see through white shirt and a short skirt. She is obviously drunk. She tries to force herself on him, but he pushes her away and says, “no.”

This is where the conversation between my friend and I began.

I say: “That is wrong.”

Her: “But it is complicated.”

Me:”Still, cheating is wrong, I wouldn’t want anybody to do that to me.”

Her:”Yes, but I understand her. Sometimes I feel that way.”

Me: “But she has a kid. What about the kid? Adultery is always wrong. Do you think it is wrong?”

Her: “Yes, I do, but it is her life”

Me:”So, she still shouldn’t do it.”

Her; “OK, (my name inserted here), but it is complicated.”

At this point, I decided to end the conversation. I can tell she was getting little upset or bothered by the conversation and it was going nowhere. 

But in my mind, I was still thinking over about the conversation. I boiled it down to two problems that are wrong in today’s society: Marriage and understanding men. 

1) Marriage 

“But it is her life”

Is a very common example of today’s tragic state of marriage. If a woman has this mentality before marriage, she will carry it after marriage. Marriage is not “her life” or “his life.” It is “our life.” 

But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’ ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife,[a] and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” (Mark 10:6-9) 

As long as the mentality of marriage is “her, his, mine” the two will never be fully joined together. I don’t care if somebody is Christian or not, most would agree that marriage is teamwork. 

It is in human nature to rationalize doing something wrong, but it still doesn’t make it right. Our culture today says, “There is no need for guilt or shame” instead of asking “Why do I feel guilt and shame?” 

2) Understanding Men

Most women really don’t know, but if they sought to understand men they would seriously reap the benefits. 

In my psychology class last year, my professor talked to us about a survey done between men and women. It had only two options. The question was, “Which would make you more upset? If your partner.

A: Slept with another person

B: Fell in love with anther person

As you can guess, Choice A was popular with men and Choice B was popular with women. Of course, there is a biological/psychological reason for this, which I am not going to go into. 

If a woman understood why some men are reluctant to commit and get married, they would know a man’s biggest fear. 

I’ll give you a hint: Don’t cheat/commit adultery. There is no worse way to shoot yourself in the foot. 

No man wants to be cuckold. Most men’s biological response to cuckoldry is to kill the man (sometimes the wife)


Of course this doesn’t make it right. Most husbands would want to kill the guy because that is a conditioned biological response for most. It doesn’t make it right, but understanding how men think and what women and men consider to be cheating is important. 

My (obvious) advice to women: If you are in a relationship, do not emotionally or physically get involved with another man. If you are unmarried, it is better to end the relationship. 

My next post will not be such a heavy topic, but I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

<3 Lovelyleblanc7

Can’t Say I’m Not Short of Disappointment

12 Aug

I have been deceived. 

I cannot believe it.

My whole life I thought I was 5’5 only for me to 5’4. 

That is a whole inch difference. 

I’m shorter now :(   (Is that even possible? Haha)

Anyway, has this ever happened to you? You go to the doctors and they tell you two different things?

Also, this is random, but I realized I stopped doing my Fit Friday posts so, I’ll start again this Friday. 

I changed my diet and exercise style a few months ago and I was meaning to do a post about it. 


<3 Lovelyleblanc7

P.S. Apologize about the pointless post and the corny title

Feminine Inspirations: Naomi Campbell and Kerry Washington

3 Aug

Note: I don’t know these women in real life. I don’t really know their true character, but nonetheless, outwardly they are very feminine.

I only know them from their public appearances. They speak slowly, dress classy, and are polite. These are three things to remember when in public.

Kerry Washington

2940 kerry-washington_160973-1920x1200

Here Kerry Washington talks about her skin care tips and other things.

Naomi Campbell 

Naomi Campbell Naomi-Campbell

Also, I would like to note again that I don’t approve of Naomi’s attitude all the time and I don’t watch much T.V. so, “Scandal” and “The Face” are not what I judge them by. It is also T.V. so anything taken from there should be with a grain of salt.

This interview is interesting because she is being purposely being playful with the interviewer.

While it may seem that she is being open, she is really holding back a lot. It is important to be friendly yet be tactful about the information you reveal about yourself.


San Diego Day 5

26 Jul

Today is my last day of San Diego. I wished I could explore the city more, but I’m excited to go home. It also was a great opportunity to bond more with my parents. 

They are the best. I’m truly blessed. 

My outfit of the day was a simple pair of jeans with a white and gold blouse, matched with a pair of nude flats. 


I also want to note that jeans can be feminine. While I do prefer dresses and skirts, some days call for jeans depending on the day’s activities. Jeans can be feminine if paired with a feminine blouse and if shoes are either flats, heels, or wedges. If you are going to wear jeans DO NOT wear it with T-shirts, sneakers, converse, etc. if you want to appear extra-feminine in apparel. 

Anywho :)

We went to a farmer’s market and ate at a really cool restaurant. We also went to Seaport Village.IMG_20140725_190104 

We looked at more gorgeous homes too.

Well, it is time to say goodbye before I board the plane. 

Good bye San Diego! 



Good buy fried ice cream! 



IMG_20140725_142115Till next time! 

<3 Lovelyleblanc7




San Diego Day 4

25 Jul

Hello!! :)

This post will be short!

My outfit of the day was this floral ivory maxi dress:


We also walked along the beach for a bit.


We also did a lot of shopping for the rest of the day. A lot.

I could write a apargrapgh about every we bought and such and such, but I’m not going to bore you with that and just end this post. ^.^

I’m so sad tomorrow is my last day, but I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to go.

<3 Lovelyleblanc7


San Diego Day 3 (Updated w/ more photos)

24 Jul

Note: I was supposed to make this post yesterday, but I was so tired. I’m making this post on my phone so please excuse any spelling mistakes. Also, I have much more pictures on my camera and I will update this post with the pictures tonight (when I get back to the hotel).

My outfit of the day was:



I did so much fun stuff yesterday!! I went the San Diego zoo!!!! IMG_20140723_134526

I took so many pictures at the zoo!!

Here are my favorite pictures:

DSC00099 DSC00111 DSC00132

DSC00134 DSC00148 DSC00150

Right now, it is Day 4 of San Diego and I am sitting in a Mexican restaurant with a nice view of the bay. They have this special desert called “Fried Ice cream”. It sounds so fattening yet so good. Oh well, I ran a few miles this morning and this is vacay!! :)

Next post will be San Diego Day 4 (which will also be posted tonight)

P.S. I am wearing my favorite maxi dress today. I’ll also include that in the next post! :)


Day 2 of San Diego

23 Jul

Here is my outfit of the day: 

A simple navy maxi dress. I’ve really been loving Maxi dresses lately. 

IMG_20140722_172419 IMG_20140722_172424 IMG_20140722_172430

This morning, I went to the gym (since the gym is 24 hours) and it was awesome because I had the whole fitness center to myself. :D 

Anyway, this morning I also walked on the boardwalk and everything was so gorgeous. Weather in San Deigo is so perfect!! It is cooler than the east coast by far, something I didn’t expect. 

DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00089 DSC00090

I love the palm trees. It reminds me of Trinidad. :)

We also saw homes today! Even though they were a bit small (OK, maybe not small, I guess average? Four bedrooms) they were so gorgeous. I loved the interior design and the backyard/garden/patio were absolutely lovely! 


IMG_20140722_143126 IMG_20140722_143134 IMG_20140722_145021 IMG_20140722_145335

I would love for that to be my backyard!! Haha 

So, that was just a little tidbit into my day, Tomorrow, I’m excited because we have more fun things planned (that are unique to San Diego). Super excited!! 

<3 Lovelyleblanc7



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