San Diego Day 5

26 Jul

Today is my last day of San Diego. I wished I could explore the city more, but I’m excited to go home. It also was a great opportunity to bond more with my parents. 

They are the best. I’m truly blessed. 

My outfit of the day was a simple pair of jeans with a white and gold blouse, matched with a pair of nude flats. 


I also want to note that jeans can be feminine. While I do prefer dresses and skirts, some days call for jeans depending on the day’s activities. Jeans can be feminine if paired with a feminine blouse and if shoes are either flats, heels, or wedges. If you are going to wear jeans DO NOT wear it with T-shirts, sneakers, converse, etc. if you want to appear extra-feminine in apparel. 

Anywho :)

We went to a farmer’s market and ate at a really cool restaurant. We also went to Seaport Village.IMG_20140725_190104 

We looked at more gorgeous homes too.

Well, it is time to say goodbye before I board the plane. 

Good bye San Diego! 



Good buy fried ice cream! 



IMG_20140725_142115Till next time! 

<3 Lovelyleblanc7




San Diego Day 4

25 Jul

Hello!! :)

This post will be short!

My outfit of the day was this floral ivory maxi dress:


We also walked along the beach for a bit.


We also did a lot of shopping for the rest of the day. A lot.

I could write a apargrapgh about every we bought and such and such, but I’m not going to bore you with that and just end this post. ^.^

I’m so sad tomorrow is my last day, but I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to go.

<3 Lovelyleblanc7


San Diego Day 3 (Updated w/ more photos)

24 Jul

Note: I was supposed to make this post yesterday, but I was so tired. I’m making this post on my phone so please excuse any spelling mistakes. Also, I have much more pictures on my camera and I will update this post with the pictures tonight (when I get back to the hotel).

My outfit of the day was:



I did so much fun stuff yesterday!! I went the San Diego zoo!!!! IMG_20140723_134526

I took so many pictures at the zoo!!

Here are my favorite pictures:

DSC00099 DSC00111 DSC00132

DSC00134 DSC00148 DSC00150

Right now, it is Day 4 of San Diego and I am sitting in a Mexican restaurant with a nice view of the bay. They have this special desert called “Fried Ice cream”. It sounds so fattening yet so good. Oh well, I ran a few miles this morning and this is vacay!! :)

Next post will be San Diego Day 4 (which will also be posted tonight)

P.S. I am wearing my favorite maxi dress today. I’ll also include that in the next post! :)


Day 2 of San Diego

23 Jul

Here is my outfit of the day: 

A simple navy maxi dress. I’ve really been loving Maxi dresses lately. 

IMG_20140722_172419 IMG_20140722_172424 IMG_20140722_172430

This morning, I went to the gym (since the gym is 24 hours) and it was awesome because I had the whole fitness center to myself. :D 

Anyway, this morning I also walked on the boardwalk and everything was so gorgeous. Weather in San Deigo is so perfect!! It is cooler than the east coast by far, something I didn’t expect. 

DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00089 DSC00090

I love the palm trees. It reminds me of Trinidad. :)

We also saw homes today! Even though they were a bit small (OK, maybe not small, I guess average? Four bedrooms) they were so gorgeous. I loved the interior design and the backyard/garden/patio were absolutely lovely! 


IMG_20140722_143126 IMG_20140722_143134 IMG_20140722_145021 IMG_20140722_145335

I would love for that to be my backyard!! Haha 

So, that was just a little tidbit into my day, Tomorrow, I’m excited because we have more fun things planned (that are unique to San Diego). Super excited!! 

<3 Lovelyleblanc7


Squeezing In Some Japanese Study on the Plane?

21 Jul

Sometimes I forget why I created this blog…

…And then think about how there is no organization in this blog.

But that is OK. I like to have the space where I can just post miscellaneous things!

Which reminds me,

Some Japanese study materials

Some Japanese study materials

On the plane is a perfect time to study Japanese! Just because I won’t be having Japanese lessons this week does not mean I need to stop studying Japanese! :)

And who knows, maybe, just maybe it might calm down my anxiousness a bit. Haha!

I normally don’t share all my travels, but I think I may post a few photos this time.

P.S. A new post on A New Shade of Feminine is up! :D

I did it again…

19 Jul

I really got to stop posting sporadically.

But it is better to be busy with real life than internet life.

I have so many things that I want to share, but in all due time…

Until then I will share two amazing news!!!


Remember that idea that I had? Well, thanks for all the encouraging comments because the I took it into action. The site is up!


It is not that impressive yet. When I first had this idea, I had a certain style and way of how I was going to organize this new website, but things took a turn and I decided to keep it very simple. Extremely simple.

Of course not all topics will be simple, but I’m going to try my best and convey my message with the necessary (albeit little) amount of words needed.


I am going to San Diego next week!! I’ve never been to California. I live in the east coast and I’ve only been south and north…never west! I think it is strange how I have never been to California, but have been out of the country so many times.

I’ll be posting pictures on this blog! :)

P.S. I’ve noticed to this date that my most popular blog post is “Feminine Dress” so, I decided while on vacation I could share with you all my own feminine style. Maybe something as simple as…Outfit of the Day? Hmmm What do you all think?

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less

3 Jul

Originally posted on Wintery Knight:

I have been getting into disagreements with the woman I am mentoring in apologetics, where she has been telling me that accurate assessments of my strengths are “proud” and that I need to be more humble. So I thought I would explain what I take humility to mean.

Here’s something from J. I. Packer:

“Being humble is not a matter of pretending to be worthless, but is a form of realism, not only regarding the real badness of one’s sins and stupidities and the real depth of one’s dependence on God’s grace, but also regarding the real range of one’s abilities.Humble believers know what they can and cannot do. They note both their gifts and their limitations, and so are able to avoid both the unfaithfulness of letting their God-given powers lie fallow and the foolhardiness of biting off more than they can chew.”

— J.I. Packer, “A Passion…

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